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I offer consultations by application in our Brisbane Naturopaths Clinic or by skype for long distance.


I have been awarded the 2015 Professional Excellence award for Community Education. Speaking is a passion of mine.

Naturopath Mentor

I am a Naturopath Mentor and Naturopaths Business Coach. Teaching Naturopaths both clinical treatment skills and clinical management skills.

I care

I genuinely care. My own health journey is what has led me on this career path. I am on a mission to change the health of the south East Queenland  Like Sunshine Coast & Brisbane.

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Five Steps to Your Success in your Health as your Naturopath or your Naturopath Business as a Mentor

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The history of Naturopaths

Naturopathy dates back to the 18th – 19th century, however, its vital roots go as far back as 400BC with Hippocrates School of Medicine. In 1902 Benjamin Lust introduced Naturopathy to the USA and founded the American School of Naturopathy. It was following this that dietary and lifestyle advice became very popular in the treatment of illness. Between 1920-1940 there was a rapid increase in technologies and pharmaceuticals, and so naturopathic medicine declined. However, over the past 40-50 years its practice has steadily increased, particularly in the area of evidence based complementary medicine. Naturopathy in Australia in 1977 was reasonable in their coverage of basic biomedical sciences on paper.

There is a very strong history of Naturopathic medicine globally. It is time proven, however, most Naturopaths now days must complete years of education to be eligible to practice as a Naturopath, very different to even a few decades ago, where regulation of the profession was very low. Today most Naturopaths are qualified with a Bachelors level University degree, often in Health Science or Complementary Medicine.

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We would love to see you in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic or Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinics in both Buderim and Caloundra. Alternatively, no matter where you are, we can offer naturopathy servicesby phone or skype consultations and provide nutritional supplementation and pathology testing advice.

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