What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that incorporates a range of natural therapies, which collectively assist in the prevention and management of illness and disease, or in other words, maintaining optimal health and wellbeing, so what is Naturopathy ?.

What is naturopathy

What is Naturopathy –
There are six core principles of Naturopathic medicine we use in Brisbane Clinic, which are:

  1. The mending energy of nature – this for the most part alludes to the utilization of sustenance and its supplements, home grown medication, and way of life changes that can prompt a change in a person’s wellbeing and prosperity.

  2. To start with do no damage – a Naturopath will guarantee that all medicines intend to keep up and additionally enhance a person’s present wellbeing. In the event that a patient requires more particular or propelled medicinal care, a Naturopath will dependably allude that patient to a suitable human services expert.

  3. Find and treat the reason – instead of smothering only the indications, a Naturopath will take an exhaustive case history to guarantee that at whatever point conceivable, the naturopathic treatment tends to any potential reasons for sickness/ailment.

  4. Treat the entire individual – this can be connected in various ways. For instance, not just concentrating on simply the physical body, but rather likewise mulling over a patient’s mental and enthusiastic wellbeing. Another illustration, is tending to all body frameworks that might assume a part in a specific condition.

  5. Instruction – a Naturopath intends to teach their customers on what is happening in their body, and how specific supplements, eating routine and way of life changes, or home grown meds may offer assistance.

  6. Avoidance – by actualizing certain eating routine and way of life procedures, or utilizing particular nourishing and home grown prescription, a Naturopath can help direct a certain treatment get ready for a person with a specific end goal to forestall ailment and ailment that they might be especially defenseless to, or keep the compounding of a condition that has been already analyzed.


So What is Naturopathy ? Through drawing on these six foundations of Naturopathic Medicine, and combining them with modern scientific research and knowledge, a Naturopath offers individuals a comprehensive and integrative approach to their healthcare needs. Common health concerns that a Naturopath may be able to assist with include gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal dysregulation, heart conditions, diabetes, weight loss, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

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